Travel Information

Public transportation

General map and travel information to lecture hall HCI J7, ETH-Hönggerberg.

  • Airport → Hotel Kronenhof:
    S-Bahn to Oerlikon (Lines 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 16), then Bus 61 or 62 from there to Zehntenhausplatz
  • Zürich Hauptbahnhof (HB, Main Station) → Hotel Kronenhof:
    Tram 11 to Bucheggplatz, then Bus 32 from there to Zehntenhausplatz
  • Hotel Kronenhof → ETH-Hönggerberg:
    Bus 37 from Zehntenhausplatz or 20 minutes walk (see map)
  • Airport → Hotel Zürichberg:
    Train to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Main Station), then Tram 6 from there to Zoo.
  • Hotel Zürichberg → ETH-Hönggerberg:
    Tram 6 to ETH-Zentrum, then Tram 9, 10 to Irchel, and finally bus 69 to ETH-Hönggerberg or you take the shuttle bus from the “ETH link” from ETH Zentrum to ETH Hönggerberg

Public transport in Zürich is safe and works well. You always have to carry a valid ticket before you enter the tram or bus.

ZVB Tickets:

  • one-way ticket: CHF 4.40
  • 24-hours ticket: CHF 8.80

If you have several journeys the 24 hour ticket is advisable.

ETH Link

There is a direct bus connection between the Hönggerberg Campus and the City Campus (ETH Zentrum) of ETH. The departure time from ETH Zentrum and from ETH Hönggerberg is every hour at x:14, x:34 and x:54 (starting at 7:54 in the morning). Be aware, that some buses directly go to the main station (especially in the early morning and late afternoon). You can find detailed information here. The bus service (ETH Link) is only for students, employees or guests of the ETH Zurich and is free of charge.


Taxis in Zürich are abundant and work well, but are expensive by most standards. The journey from the Airport to ETH Hönggerberg, ETH Zentrum, Hotel Kronenhof, or Hotel Zürichberg costs about 50 Swiss Francs (very similar to the Dollar or Euro now)

Map and travel information to Dozentenfoyer, ETH-Zentrum (Dinner on Tuesday)

To reach the Dozentenfoyer take the elevators on the east side of the main hall up to the J-floor and then the stairs to the Dozentenfoyer.

From the bus stop of the shuttle bus take first the elevator to the main hall (E-floor).

Time table of the shuttle bus ETH-Hoenggerberg -- ETH-Zentrum (“ETH link”; pdf file)